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28 July, 2015

Feed my high heel addiction now! I need more, more, more. And I need more sexy boots, too. ♫ One of these days my boots are gonna walk all over U ♫ . I like to shop online for heels and boots. UR going to give me an online eGiftCard to and feed my high heel addiction… I know UR addicted to me feet and heels too, aren’t U! Confess! U want me to strut in my stilettos while U crawl behind me begging to kiss my heels, suck them, lick them. Even clean the dirty soles. Or U want to kiss my toes, lick my pretty feet. Or U want to sniff my heels or drink champagne from my Princess heels, well sniff! Gulp down the champagne. Cristal not Corbel!

If U have a foot fetish, it’s time to indulge me. I will control U with my perfect feet and heels.

This is what I want to see at my door foot bitches! Click on the box and send me a Zappos eGift Card!

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25 July, 2015

Becca Work

Pic of me at work. Niteflirt is not my primary pursuit. I may not always be available when U feel the desire for me, but desire grows stronger when it is not quenched. Niteflirt is my personal passion to pursue my kinky and dominant side and to reap the financial benefits, to enhance my lifestyle. Financial domination is power. U will provide luxury, devotion, surrender.

22 July, 2015

Luxuries in life bring great pleasure and I am one of them. I am for those who can afford luxe. I am sexy, bitchy, whip smart, whip quick and wicked. It is a privilege and honor for U to even speak with me, see my photos, be in my presence. I took a little cam capture for UR viewing pleasure as I was talking to one of my bitchlings, but I will not go on cam for U bitches. I am not here to amuse or please U. U are here to amuse and please me.

I do certain things quite well, financial domination, mind fucking, and of course, just scintillating conversation as UR secret, sexy virtual Muse, Confidante of all things kinky, modern day courtesan, beautiful, educated, virtual companion. Let’s go on an odyssey together and see where it takes us.

Niteflirt Phonesex

The call of the Siren has aroused U. Will UR ship crash on the rocks, lured by my sweet Siren’s voice. The ultimate seduction awaits. It may end in your financial destruction, a shipwreck with UR name on the stern. Hear me, I’m here for select gentlemen who recognize a Siren’s beauty, and beneath, a compelling persona, unique, intellectual and feisty. I consider myself to be a modern day Courtesan and Muse. I exist to be worshiped. I await UR kinky confessions. I will inspire U to greater things, things U have not even yet imagined. Financial Domination is UR destiny. I will take what I want from U and leave U breathless, anticipating the next time we connect. I have an exciting life off Niteflirt and my life takes precedence.

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