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“A beautiful woman has to live her life or live to regret not having lived it.” – D. H. Lawrence

Sexy Becca beautiful Beauty Has Its Privileges

I’m going to start demanding subs and slaves to pay for me to enjoy the finer things in life. Dining out, drinks, travel, more designer shoes, spa visits etc… Why should I pay for such luxe. Slaves can prepay or I might post tabs depending on what spendy things I laid out for. Get ready to be my owned money bitches. Like the D.H. Lawrence quote, I’m going to live my life, no regrets. Or as the trendy hashtag cliche goes #lifewithoutregret. I want it all. I want it now. Beauty has its privileges and you should feel privileged to even be in the shadow of my beauty.

3 January, 2014

“First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Sexy Becca Forced Intoxication New Year New Hair

New Year’s Eve Party at a local hot spot, I debuted my new dark hair to ring in the new year. Not that I haven’t had this black velvet dark hair before… In winter, I often go with a darker look, more striking I think. I didn’t “work” this New Year’s Eve club party. As a fine drinking establishment marketing & promotions girl, I have worked NYE before. Felt the ultimate disconnect. Surrounded by the beautiful people imbibing their libation sensations having way more fun than I could have. Thinking to myself: Is getting paid the override? Or would I rather have fun myself and not be on the job? It must be the same for the cocktail slingers, the bartenders, the door guys, etc. Living vicariously gets old. Or rather should gets “Auld” lol. Fun won this NYE so I didn’t work it. I got totally sloshed with friends and shared a cab home then suffered a major hangover the next morning, ahem, afternoon. My head felt like a drum and every sound seemed like it was amplified and beat that drum. So speaking of intoxication, I’m definitely into some Forced Intox calls on Niteflirt if U want to drink, smoke, do poppers, whatever U find will transport U to total intoxication and mindlessness.

sexy becca new years 11 New Year New Hair

sexy becca kitty2 Its Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas with all the gifts and cash rolling in!!! And thank you to those who didn’t forget Blue this Kitty-mas and bought him gifts, too. Including this adorable Grinch hat with a pompom. He hates wearing it along with the jester collar, but I had to do the Xmas photo op for my blog.

5 November, 2013

“Autumn is the hardest season. The leaves are all falling, and they’re falling like they’re falling in love with the ground.” – Andrea Gibson, poet

Sexy Becca Autumn Leaves In Love with the Ground

And U should be in love with the ground. That I walk on! It’s Autumn, my favorite season. There was even a dusting of snow on the ground, like powdered sugar. Like my sexy camo jacket? Yes, U will be buying me more sexy or cute stuff I covet and want in my clothes or coat closet. No, I don’t hunt, unless U count hunting for bitches like U. Mallard duck photobombed my pic (between my legs). Why are my pics always getting photobombed? The female duck is to the left near the rocks. These ducks mate for life. That is extreme. But in a way, beautiful.

6 October, 2013

Sexy Becca Pretty1 Finsubs

When you see perfection, U know it. And U should acknowledge it with a Tribute. Click now, spoil me and don’t expect anything in return. U exist to serve, worship, obey. Be awestruck, be humbled. Prove U are a finsub who has what it takes to back up UR worth. I don’t need finsubs who beg to amuse me – “how can I amuse you Mistress?”, who beg to have me blackmail them “Blackmail me Goddess” blow their dick-spit and hang up or who waste my time with cut&paste emails about their findom fantasies. My time is precious, I am priceless. Be one of the few, the elite slaves I choose to welcome to my Findomme harem. The best things in life aren’t free. And I may ultimately decide to turn my site into a password protected pay site, so pay to keep it open as a blog, bitches!

29 September, 2013

“Cats are furry waterfalls of grace.” – Layla Morgan Wilde, writer & photographer

Here is the big love of my life, my kitty cat Blue. He’s all grey, and when I say big, he weighs about 15 lbs, he’s a monster with teeth and claws! No really, he’s a sweetie, he just looks mean. I don’t know what I’d do without him, he’s an amazing and gentle soul and spirit to have around me. I named him Blue because my mom said he looks like he has some of the cat breed “Russian Blue” in him. My mom informed that grey in cat lingo is referred to as blue, like my mom’s blue point Siamese. Go figure, when you say blue about a cat, you mean grey. The veterinarian said I could have him genetically tested for his cat lineage, meaning if he might have some Russian Blue in him, but it’s not that important to me. He is who is he is and I love him the way he is! So, the only blue as in blue things in this pic are my eyes.

sexy becca kitty Whats New Pussycat?

sexy becca hot tubbing Whats Missing from This Picture?

What’s missing from this picture? Nothing is missing bahaha. We had a great nite at one of my bffs place in the hot tub. There were 5 of us, so actually there is something missing from this picture, my gf who took the pic lolol!! And no, there was no lesbionic action in the hot tub, gutterboys. I’m bisexual, but I don’t get bi or lez with my gfs.

We had drinks and then kicked back in the tub. Love a nice hot tub session where the air is crispy and cool, but the water is warm c: Life couldn’t be any better except for more cash and gift cards to be rolling in. And if U want to see more pics of me here on my blog then U should keep the cash coming. Otherwise, I will make my personal pics private and via Niteflirt pay to view only.

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