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As may or may not know, I have Scottish ancestry and traveled to Scotland for a vacation this year and visited relatives in Aberdeen. It was a blast because they all like to drink a lot and have a great time telling funny stories. I had my cell phone with me, but I forgot to check before I left if it would be compatible in the UK and it wasn’t, so I couldn’t use my Tinder app to hook up there. Luckily, my second cousin let me use her laptop and I found this great blog that linked to a Scottish sex personals site and signed up for free. I hooked up in Aberdeen – shhhh don’t tell any of my older relatives how naughty I was. The guy I hooked up with even put on a family tartan kilt for me. And I did find out if Scottish men wear anything under their kilts and the answer is NO they go commando under their kilts!!

While I heard that Scottish men can be a little shy, they aren’t shy where it counts, in the sack!! So if you live in Aberdeen or the surrounding area and you are looking to hook up for some hot NSA sex, you should definitely check out this sex blog and then click over to the Aberdeen dating site. You can register for free and search other local members. I would have been lost and sexless without it! Here is a pic of me with one of my second cousins. I muted out her face for privacy, but you can see the family resemblance with our ultra blue eyes!

1 June, 2018

Mean Girls

Some of U have asked to see a pic of me and my girls. Yes, we are all hot, dominant and bitchy, mean girls. For privacy reasons, I muted out my BFFs faces. We were on our way out to a nite of clubbing… I know UR checking my hot ass… Wish U could kiss and worship my ass? Call me on Niteflirt and beg to to kiss it. Beg = $$$. My ass deserves supreme worship and U will pay to kiss it. Perfection and beauty always come with a price. And U should pay for me and my besties to go out and have a nite on the town, drinks and debauchery. Call me to experience the Mean in Mean Girls as I dish out Mean with a side of Bitchy. U will feel humiliated, this will make U weak, break U down. The weaker U get, the more power I get, and the more of a rush for me from feeding on the power. Don’t deny that Sexy doesn’t turn U on and that the Sexy in me will make U my money slave. Click the button to call me or dial up. If U don’t see me on, send me a message on Niteflirt for my rough schedule, because I am not at UR “Becca” and call, U are at mine! Or send me a Tribute to catch my attention!

21 May, 2018

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” – Harry Winston

Sexy Becca sexyyy

10 May, 2018

sexy becca niteflirt

1 May, 2018

Sexy Becca morning

I’m using my blog like Instagram 😉

“A beautiful woman has to live her life or live to regret not having lived it.” – D. H. Lawrence

sexy becca b and w

Like the D.H. Lawrence quote, I’m going to live my life, no regrets. As the trendy hashtag embodies #lifewithoutregret. I want it all. I want it now. Beauty has its privileges and U should feel privileged to even be in the shadow of my beauty.

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My new aviators and new golden hair…

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