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22 April, 2020

Are you in the mood to watch porn? A recent online study by Psychology Today reported that nearly 75% of female respondents watched porn in the past week (during the study) and that 98% of the male respondents reported the same. Whoever said women don’t watch porn? {wink} Perhaps women like me are just a little bit more low-key about our naughty viewing habits. However, one universal element related to porn viewing is that viewers prefer watching the best, most realistic porn in high definition. When you watch xxx HD videos, you are typically seeing a visual resolution that is at least 4 times clearer on your screen than standard definition. So why would you accept anything less? I would only ever watch HD anything, whether I’m streaming kinky clips or full-length movies on Netflix. features free HD videos for your viewing delectation. Don’t settle for SD!

One of the hottest adult video niches right now is webcam. Why is it so hot? Webcam videos feature men, women, couples and trans individuals performing on their webcams. Whether they were in a paid show, performing for tokens or even performing for free because they love to be exhibitionists, webcam artists are trending right now. Webcam videos may also feature pornstars who are appearing on webcam for their fans. Check out the hottest webcam video clips right now when you click over to – free!

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Everyone uses online dating, right? I do and all my friends do. It’s like shopping online for dates. I even use a dating app when I travel. Once a year I fly to the UK to visit relatives, Scotland to be exact. And I like to hook up while I’m there, because I’m horny and it’s fun to have wild sex with a stranger who I’ll probably never see again. The only thing I need is the right site or app to make it happen.

If you’re interested in hooking up and you live in the UK or you’re traveling there, one site rises above all other UK hookup sites – The name serves a purpose. It weeds out women who are NOT looking for erotic encounters.

On Horny Slags, you can chat with other members, search for members in your area, exchange pics and share phone numbers. And it’s FREE. Yes – a free UK NSA dating site. I shouldn’t have to pay to find men! It’s like: “what happens in Scotland, stays in Scotland!” I recommend you give Horny Slags a try if you are looking for a shag in Scotland, England, Wales, etc.

Me in Scotland hungover haha!

You haven’t partied unless you’ve partied on a boat, the bigger the better. Or at the marina hopping on and off multiple boats. Everyone has coolers filled with beer, hard iced teas and lemonades and other bottled or canned drinkies. In case you can’t guess, I’m the one with the (now regrettable) tramp stamp. It seems that tramp stamps have gone out of style! Who knew that tatt locations on your bod would trend out?



As may or may not know, I have Scottish ancestry and traveled to Scotland  this year to visit relatives in and around Aberdeen. It was a blast because they all like to drink a lot and have a great time telling funny stories. I had my cell phone with me, but I forgot to check before I left if it would be compatible in the UK and it wasn’t, so I couldn’t use my Tinder app to hook up there. Luckily, my second cousin let me use her laptop and I found this great blog that linked to a Scottish sex personals site and signed up for free. I hooked up in Aberdeen – shhhh don’t tell any of my aunts and uncles how naughty I was. The guy I hooked up with even put on a family tartan kilt for me. And I did find out if Scottish men wear anything under their kilts and the answer is NO they go commando under their kilts!!

While I heard that Scottish men can be a little shy, they aren’t shy where it counts, in the sack!! So if you live in Aberdeen or the surrounding area and you are looking to hook up for some hot NSA sex, you should definitely check out this sex blog and then click over to the Aberdeen dating site. You can register for free and search other local members. I would have been lost and sexless without it! Here is a pic of me with one of my second cousins. I muted out her face for privacy, but you can see the family resemblance with our ultra blue eyes!

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