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Niteflirt Phonesex

The call of the Siren has aroused U. Will UR ship crash on the rocks, lured by my sweet Siren’s voice. The ultimate seduction awaits. It may end in your financial destruction, a shipwreck with UR name on the stern. Hear me, I’m here for select gentlemen who recognize a Siren’s beauty, and beneath, a compelling persona, unique, intellectual and feisty. I consider myself to be a modern day Courtesan and Muse. I exist to be worshiped. I await UR kinky confessions. I will inspire U to greater things, things U have not even yet imagined. Financial Domination is UR destiny. I will take what I want from U and leave U breathless, anticipating the next time we connect. I have an exciting life off Niteflirt and my life takes precedence.

Sexy Breasts

My breasts will own U, take UR money, make U feel weak. U will beg for more self shot pictures of my breasts and pay for the privilege. My breasts are ultimate perfection. U must pay tribute to perfection and superior beauty. Know it’s a privilege for U to even speak with me or gaze upon my beauty. I am “reserve”. U know what that means. Not for every man. Exclusive. Only for those who can afford me and who know something rare and beautiful when they see it. I am not the Twitter blue bird, tweeting ad nauseum, I am the rara avis in the wild. Gaze. I will put U into a trance when U gaze at pictures of my breasts and I will control U, guide U to your true destiny as my breast slave bitch. My breasts will drain U of UR burden of money. Stare now. Stare. Keep staring. Feeling weak? U should be. Click now! Buy my Stare at my Breasts Pay to View. Then… Call me on Niteflirt to be controlled by my perfect breasts, to feel entranced, owned!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirror mirror on the wall

12 July, 2015

Want to be forced to smoke more than U already smoke, forced to smoke two cigarettes at a time, forced to chain smoke and get even more addicted to nicotine or smoke slutty Virginia Slim 100’s like the smokin’ sissy U really are? Get an oral fix now! Smoke and stroke for me on a smoking phone sex call on Niteflirt. Yes, I obviously smoke. I know it’s a dirty, nasty habit, but we all have our dirty, nasty habits, don’t we… I’m trying to switch to e-cigs to kick my tobacco and nicotine habit, but until I completely wean myself off the tobacco leaf, I let myself have the rush of lighting up a few smokes a day. Eat UR heart out staring at my pic. I know some of U smoking fetish sluts would beg to lick out my ash tray, beg for me to tip my ashes on UR tongue or beg to lick the lipstick or lip gloss off my butts or even chew on my butts (not my ass, my butts!) Ok, whatever UR fetish or fancy, call me live to smoke, stroke or go broke!

Smoking Phone Sex

Sissy Eye Makeup Tips

I know some of U dream of being a beautiful girl. The allure is contagious the more U see beautiful girls, the more U want to be one, don’t U? I’ve had sissies ask especially about my eye makeup and how I do my mesmerizing (or should I say mesmer-eyes-ing) cats eye makeup. So I put together this blog post on Sissy Eye Makeup Tips on creating cats eyes and found an awesome video tutorial. It’s the best cats eye makeup step-by-step video on youtube. U sissies should watch and copy. U don’t have to spend a lot of money on the right eyeliner for cats eye makeup. Or mascara. Cats eyes are in. It’s a 60’s retro look, but totally today. Lady Gaga, Megan Fox, Mila Kunis, Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Beyonce, Amy Winehouse {RIP} and Katy Perry have all worn the cats eye look.

U can go with cheap eye makeup to start till U get the tricks and then go makeup artist spendy after U get more skillz. Here are my tips on the eye makeup to buy to do the sissy cats eye look.

Cheap: Essence Eyeliner Pen about $2.50 at most drugstores
Cheap: NYC’s Sky Rise Lengthening Mascara about $2.00 at most drugstores
Spendy: Smashbox Eyeliner $20 at
Spendy: Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara $26 at

And while I’m talking about, send me a eGiftCard! Click on the Sephora eGiftCard below. U will need my email to send it to me, see below the eGift Card.

Sephora Gift Card

Sexy Becca email

8 July, 2015

There will be noooo drive-thru menu phone sex where U order from a dollar menu and I phone fuck U. Just because I’m dominant, doesn’t mean I’m an asexual Ice Queen. I’m highly sexual. But don’t waste my time calling for vanilla phone sex chat. Fuck off. I’ll just hang up on U. I don’t need the $5 or $10 or $20 that bad to hear U fap and groan. I’m looking for generous men of means, men who enjoy elite virtual companionship or the fetish of financial domination as much as I love the power and rush of getting cash from all my money piggies. The more U money piggies give, the more aroused U will get and the more of a power rush for me.

Phone Sex Girl

21 June, 2015

Financial Dommesexy becca blondie

I change my hair colors depending on my mood, sometimes the season. Blonde, light brown, chestnut, dark brunette, raven, brunette with highlights… The only hair color I haven’t tried yet is red. Although with my blue eyes and fair skin, I could be a convincing redhead. Why do I change my hair colors so often? I like to play with different looks. See how a different hair color might make me feel. Sexier. More mysterious. Even more dominant.

Hair color is body art, the same way that I have my personal body art: tattoos and piercings. Then I play with my eye makeup to fit my mood. To see me or pics of me at any given time is a snapshot of my mood and my beauty. Adore and worship UR Financial Domme as I am at any point in time. U will send me whatever I want or demand including Tributes and eGiftCards to keep me in beauty as a Financial Domme deserves. Be mesmerized by UR Financial Domme when I was pure blonde.

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