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31 October, 2017

Sexy Becca cowgirl

Got wigged out and rocked the cowgirl look…

30 September, 2017

Cool gig to showcase Coors Light for a Coors Light night at a popular club. Coors put their Light beer on special and my girls and I handed out swag to anyone drinking the brew. The Coors Light night made a big splash and bumped their presence. Whenever I do an event, I don’t really care if I don’t endorse the product personally. Light beers taste too watered down to me, there isn’t one light beer I like at all. A lot of people will sacrifice taste for a few calories. Fools! Sometimes, it’s all about the marketing and promo, which Coors is pretty good at.

Here is a pic of me from that night including a fat, bald dork who totally photo bombed my pic wtf. Stay outta my beauty! That dork was following me around all night. At first, I thought hmmm maybe he needs to be turned into my slave. But nooo, he was a drunk perv who wanted some grab-ass. I didn’t hook up with the guy I’m posing with in the pic, tho he was pretty cute in a skater boy Carey Hart type way (Pink’s husband), he just wasn’t my type.

Sexy Becca photobomb

29 September, 2017

“Cats are furry waterfalls of grace.” – Layla Morgan Wilde, writer & photographer

Here is the big love of my life, my kitty cat Blue. He’s all grey, and when I say big, he weighs about 15 lbs, he’s a monster with teeth and claws! No really, he’s a sweetie, he just looks mean. I don’t know what I’d do without him, he’s an amazing and gentle soul and spirit to have around me. I named him Blue because my mom said he looks like he has some of the cat breed “Russian Blue” in him. My mom informed that grey in cat lingo is referred to as blue, like my mom’s blue point Siamese. Go figure. The veterinarian said I could have him genetically tested for his cat lineage, meaning if he might have some Russian Blue in him, but it’s not that important to me. He is who is he is and I love him the way he is! So, the only blue as in blue things in this pic are my eyes.

sexy becca blue eyes

sexy becca hot

What’s missing from this picture? Nothing is missing bahaha. We had a great nite at one of my bffs place in the hot tub. There were 5 of us, so actually there is something missing from this picture, my gf who took the pic lolol!! We had drinks and then kicked back in the tub. Love a nice hot tub session where the air is crispy and cool, but the water is warm c: