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30 September, 2017

Cool gig to showcase Coors Light for a Coors Light night at a popular club. Coors put their Light beer on special and my girls and I handed out swag to anyone drinking the brew. The Coors Light night made a big splash and bumped their presence. Whenever I do an event, I don’t really care if I don’t endorse the product personally. Light beers taste too watered down to me, there isn’t one light beer I like at all. A lot of people will sacrifice taste for a few calories. Fools! Sometimes, it’s all about the marketing and promo, which Coors is pretty good at.

Here is a pic of me from that night including a fat, bald dork who totally photo bombed my pic wtf. Stay outta my beauty! That dork was following me around all night. At first, I thought hmmm maybe he needs to be turned into my slave. But nooo, he was a drunk perv who wanted some grab-ass. I didn’t hook up with the guy I’m posing with in the pic, tho he was pretty cute in a skater boy Carey Hart type way (Pink’s husband), he just wasn’t my type.

Sexy Becca photobomb

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