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Everyone uses online dating, right? I do and all my friends do. It’s like shopping online for dates. I even use a dating app when I travel. Once a year I fly to the UK to visit relatives, Scotland to be exact. And I like to hook up while I’m there, because I’m horny and it’s fun to have wild sex with a stranger who I’ll probably never see again. The only thing I need is the right site or app to make it happen.

If you’re interested in hooking up and you live in the UK or you’re traveling there, one site rises above all other UK hookup sites – The name serves a purpose. It weeds out women who are NOT looking for erotic encounters.

On Horny Slags, you can chat with other members, search for members in your area, exchange pics and share phone numbers. And it’s FREE. Yes – a free UK NSA dating site. I shouldn’t have to pay to find men! It’s like: “what happens in Scotland, stays in Scotland!” I recommend you give Horny Slags a try if you are looking for a shag in Scotland, England, Wales, etc.

Me in Scotland hungover haha!

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