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21 June, 2015

Financial Dommesexy becca blondie

I change my hair colors depending on my mood, sometimes the season. Blonde, light brown, chestnut, dark brunette, raven, brunette with highlights… The only hair color I haven’t tried yet is red. Although with my blue eyes and fair skin, I could be a convincing redhead. Why do I change my hair colors so often? I like to play with different looks. See how a different hair color might make me feel. Sexier. More mysterious. Even more dominant.

Hair color is body art, the same way that I have my personal body art: tattoos and piercings. Then I play with my eye makeup to fit my mood. To see me or pics of me at any given time is a snapshot of my mood and my beauty. Adore and worship UR Financial Domme as I am at any point in time. U will send me whatever I want or demand including Tributes and eGiftCards to keep me in beauty as a Financial Domme deserves. Be mesmerized by UR Financial Domme when I was pure blonde.

15 May, 2015

Ordered this sexy pair of retro look glitter high heels from a Zappos eGiftCard that an admirer sent me. They look cool right? Wrong, they’re a half size too big, even tho I ordered them in my standard size. So, I have to return them and get a half size down. And I wanted to wear them this weekend when I go out with my bffs with this rockin’ dress I have. Zapped by Zappos! I’ll have to wear something from my high heel wardrobe and not a new pair of heels fresh out of the box. Color me bitchy!

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6 May, 2015

I think hipsters are kinda over even tho there is still a bunch of hipster shit on Etsy and hipster stuff in stores. No, I didn’t buy the white hipster French moustache necklace. I was just goofing off with a friend when we went shopping. U should pay for my next shopping spree solo or with one of my bffs! Drop me a Tribute now!

31 March, 2015

Blowing bubbles in the late winter, early spring. Just a quick pic. Not much to write. Except I’d rather be bathing in bubbles or drinking the bubbly!

sexy rebecca

26 February, 2015

Sexy Becca tattoo symbolism

Some of U have asked about my body art including my tattoos and their symbolism. I believe my body is a canvas on which I illustrate some of my innermost feelings and desires in permanent ink. Some people see my tattoos and think I must be an alt girl or emo or even punk! I don’t think I can be so easily labeled. The first tattoo I got was the: Nothing to Kill or Die For quote from the John Lennon song “Imagine”. I’m not a Lennon fan per se, but that line resonates with me, since I’m a pacifist at heart. I truly believe that men have fucked up the world with wars and continue to fuck it up. I’m a total female supremacist and wish that women ran the world. I long for a world where women are in power and men are our slaves.

I have a tattoo of stars on one of my feet. I thought it would be pretty and star tattoos are symbolic of guidance, to guide me where I want to go in life and yes, the tattoo placement is symbolic. I have my boyfriend’s name next to a tiny heart over my heart. It’s a cheaper looking tattoo, not a self-tatt, I went to an ink parlor to have it done. I wanted that tatt to look like the work of famous French tattoo artist Fuzi Uvtpk who has tatted a lot of celebs with his homemade looking tattoos, including Scarlett Johansson. I have twin butterflies on my lower belly to symbolize beauty and my free spirited nature. Of course, I have the tattoo that is popularly called the tramp stamp on my lower back, it’s a tribal design of a talisman that is supposed to bring luck. Let’s see, I also have a paw print on one of my ass cheeks for obvious reasons, it reflects my raw sexual passion.

I have a Kanji tattoo of the Japanese character for Honor on the back of my neck and U will Honor me! If U know anything about Japanese symbols, a symbol has multiple meanings, this symbol can also mean Reverence, Distinction, Obeisance and Tribute. Of course, I am a Goddess of Distinction, U will Revere me, Obey me and Tribute me now!

Sexy Becca spellcasting phone sex

Supposedly, it’s a cardinal makeup sin to wear blue eye shadow with blue eyes, too theatrical. But am I a girl who does not sin? Do I listen to what should not be done? Subtle is the key. And subtle is how I applied my light blue eye shadow. I also distract from the eye shadow with top heavy eyebrow pencil to line and define my brows, this look is “in” right now.

I’m often told my eyes are my best feature, crystal blue, aquamarine blue, icy blue, {choose an adjective} blue. Eyes are the doors to our souls. And my ancestry. My blues eyes and freckles came from my Irish side. My other side is Portuguese, distant past, 19th century immigrants to New England. I live near the coast and couldn’t bear to live inland. The Irish and Portuguese blood that runs thru my veins situates me near or on the ocean. In any case, my bewitching blue eyes will cast a spell on U.

25 January, 2015

By popular demand, some of my devotees have asked to see a photo of me dressed in my dominatrix gear. I have some fetish outfits in my closet, including this corset, a crop to crop U with, nasty heels. I like dressing as dominant as I feel inside. Would U kneel at my feet, beg for my spit, my contempt, my crop on UR naked ass cheeks or on UR ball sack. Sometimes I am asked: do I have any oh so lucky personal slaveboys? Purrrrhaps…

fetish addictions

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