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My breasts will own U, take UR money, make U feel weak. U will beg for more self shot pictures of my breasts and pay for the privilege. My breasts are ultimate perfection. U must pay tribute to perfection and superior beauty. Know it’s a privilege for U to even speak with me or gaze upon my beauty. I am “reserve”. U know what that means. Not for every man. Exclusive. Only for those who can afford me and who know something rare and beautiful when they see it. I am not the Twitter blue bird, tweeting ad nauseum, I am the rara avis in the wild. Gaze. I will put U into a trance when U gaze at pictures of my breasts and I will control U, guide U to your true destiny as my breast slave bitch. My breasts will drain U of UR burden of money. Stare now. Stare. Keep staring. Feeling weak? U should be. Click now! Buy my Stare at my Breasts Pay to View. Then… Call me on Niteflirt to be controlled by my perfect breasts, to feel entranced, owned!

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