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21 June, 2015

Financial Dommesexy becca blondie

I change my hair colors depending on my mood, sometimes the season. Blonde, light brown, chestnut, dark brunette, raven, brunette with highlights… The only hair color I haven’t tried yet is red. Although with my blue eyes and fair skin, I could be a convincing redhead. Why do I change my hair colors so often? I like to play with different looks. See how a different hair color might make me feel. Sexier. More mysterious. Even more dominant.

Hair color is body art, the same way that I have my personal body art: tattoos and piercings. Then I play with my eye makeup to fit my mood. To see me or pics of me at any given time is a snapshot of my mood and my beauty. Adore and worship UR Financial Domme as I am at any point in time. U will send me whatever I want or demand including Tributes and eGiftCards to keep me in beauty as a Financial Domme deserves. Be mesmerized by UR Financial Domme when I was pure blonde.

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