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12 July, 2015

Want to be forced to smoke more than U already smoke, forced to smoke two cigarettes at a time, forced to chain smoke and get even more addicted to nicotine or smoke slutty Virginia Slim 100’s like the smokin’ sissy U really are? Get an oral fix now! Smoke and stroke for me on a smoking phone sex call on Niteflirt. Yes, I obviously smoke. I know it’s a dirty, nasty habit, but we all have our dirty, nasty habits, don’t we… I’m trying to switch to e-cigs to kick my tobacco and nicotine habit, but until I completely wean myself off the tobacco leaf, I let myself have the rush of lighting up a few smokes a day. Eat UR heart out staring at my pic. I know some of U smoking fetish sluts would beg to lick out my ash tray, beg for me to tip my ashes on UR tongue or beg to lick the lipstick or lip gloss off my butts or even chew on my butts (not my ass, my butts!) Ok, whatever UR fetish or fancy, call me live to smoke, stroke or go broke!

Smoking Phone Sex

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