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1 June, 2018

Mean Girls

Some of U have asked to see a pic of me and my girls. Yes, we are all hot, dominant and bitchy, mean girls. For privacy reasons, I muted out my BFFs faces. We were on our way out to a nite of clubbing… I know UR checking my hot ass… Wish U could kiss and worship my ass? Call me on Niteflirt and beg to to kiss it. Beg = $$$. My ass deserves supreme worship and U will pay to kiss it. Perfection and beauty always come with a price. And U should pay for me and my besties to go out and have a nite on the town, drinks and debauchery. Call me to experience the Mean in Mean Girls as I dish out Mean with a side of Bitchy. U will feel humiliated, this will make U weak, break U down. The weaker U get, the more power I get, and the more of a rush for me from feeding on the power. Don’t deny that Sexy doesn’t turn U on and that the Sexy in me will make U my money slave. Click the button to call me or dial up. If U don’t see me on, send me a message on Niteflirt for my rough schedule, because I am not at UR “Becca” and call, U are at mine! Or send me a Tribute to catch my attention!

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